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KC Services

1. Operations

1.1 Supervision and Management

Provide the requisite services to correctly supervise and manage the HOTEL, ensuring the efficient operation of the facilities and optimizing the use of the FACILITIES.

1.2 Pricing Structures

Recommend, establish and revise as appropriate the prices for all aspects of the hotel operations, ensuring that the pricing strategy meets the business goals of the client.


a. Brief Feasibility Study

b. Mission Statement

c. Concept Statement

d. Operating Philosophy

e. Site Analysis

a. Architectural Services

b. Overall Concept/Vision Report

c. Area Programme (Facilities / Services Mix)

d. Critical Path Plan

e. Design Statement (with Space Requirements)

f. Design Layout (Initial)

g. Site Meetings Attendance

h. Specialist Fixtures, Fittings and Equipment Specifications

i. Specifications and Design Detail Reviews

j. Construction Progress Reviews

k. Preliminary and Phase II Drawings Reviews

l. Final Punch List and Remedial Action Plans

a.Marketing Strategy

b.Marketing and Sales Action Plan

c.Marketing Launch Program Planning

d.Pre-opening PR Activities Plans

e.Corporate Identity of the Project – Recommend & Establish

a. Operational Procedures (Operations Manuals, Standard Operations Procedures, Task Breakdowns etc.)

b. Manning Guide and Personnel Services

c. Purchasing Assistance

d. Financial Business Modeling

e. Pre-opening Budget Preparation

f. 5-Year Forecast

g. Project Budget Control

h. Accounting Systems Guidance

i. Pre-opening Training Plan

j. Maintenance Services Planning

k. IT Systems Recommendations and Integration

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