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Initial Investigation

Initial Investigation

KC assists with Concept development, Market research and Feasibility studies to assess the Economic viability of a project or major conversion / optimization of an existing property.

The analysis is based on a thorough review of both Economic trends, Property market's historical trends and Expected future developments, assessment of a given project or property location and profile, the benchmark of operating results at selected competitors and assessment of the optimal project in relation to the number of rooms, category, size of restaurant and meeting facilities, if any need for spa and wellness and "USP".

Feasibility studies are in today's market an absolutely essential element since it represents an objective assessment of the economic viability of a developer or investor, serves as a necessary basis for dialogue and negotiation with one operator and to secure funding.

Detailed Economic Feasibility Study/ Techno Economic Feasibility Report (TEFR)

This feasibility study includes a detailed description of Market Location Characteristics, Project Site and Area Evaluation, Competition and Demand Analysis.

 Mission Statement

It will be important for the overall planning of the project to establish a clear Mission Statement together with the Owners and/or Board of Directors. KC would assist with the development of a Mission Statement that will set clear and concise guidelines on the classification and operating philosophy of the planned facility. The Mission Statement sets the stage for all parties working together on the project - from consultants, ultimately, to rank-and-file staff.

 Concept Statement/ Concept Development

Utilizing the Clients' Brief, an Executive Summary of the Feasibility Study and conceptual input from the Consultants, the Concept Statement is a detailed, descriptive projection of how the facilities and services will be perceived by end-users. The Concept Statement introduces some operational issues but focuses on the ambience and atmosphere of each discrete zone and on the "flow" between these zones.

 Operating Philosophy/ Product Positioning Statement

To identify and propose the concepts, strategies and unique features and characteristics that will allow the proposed venture to establish best positioning, identity, characteristics and image. 

It will incorporate a recommended concept statement - a detailed, descriptive projection of how the facilities and services will be perceived by end-users.

Site Analysis

To assess the potential for the project, a review of the proposed site/s would be undertaken, to determine if the critical success factors are incorporated. This would include a detailed S.W.O.T. analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) which would focus on the elements affecting the project.

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