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Technical Assistance


Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance includes a wide range of important services for the Owners and Operators of the property.

Architectural Services

• Master Planning – Developing the brief with the Client, site appraisals and preparing feasibility master plan including preliminary layouts

• Concept Designing - The overall conceptualization of the Architectural image of the building at the site. That includes providing sufficient material in order to convey the Architectural intent as well as interior ambience and room layouts. 

Preparation of Overall Concept Statement

This document is an extension to the more marketing-related Concept Statement in the Initial Investigation. Here, however, there is more of a technical bias with detailed attention to safety, security, hygiene and user-comfort. Included also are sections on staffing, programming (of activities) and specialist equipment requirements.

Area Programe (Facilities/Services Mix)

The Area Programme forms the first step in producing flow charts and "bubble" diagrams to indicate which facilities and services will be made available to users. The Area Programme lists each component and the minimum area (square meter age) requirement of these components. The Area Programme serves as both a Checklist and a detailed planning tool for the Architect and Interior Designer.

Critical Path Plan

This matrix of technical, operational and marketing-related issues forms the master plan timetable up to and beyond the grand opening. Critically timed items are flagged. Monthly action plans will be formulated and revised based upon the Critical Path Plan.

Design Statement (Space Requirements)

This document gives detailed guidelines on issues such as materials and finishes, the relationship between certain areas (sightline protection, use of solid and soft, full/half height partitions), ceiling heights and lighting treatments. Special design issues - for example, mechanical and electrical requirements, concealed power socket placements and safety issues - are highlighted.

Design Layout (initial)

KC will assist the Interior Designer and appointed Consultants in the creation of a sensible, comfortable and operationally sound layout which encompasses the Initial Concept Statement, Design Statement and Area Programme. This translation of words and ideas to drawings is a process which ends in the final approval of drawing submissions by the Owner.

Site Meetings Attendance

A senior representative of KC will attend site meetings chaired by the Owner or owners’ representative and/or Project Manager as required.

Preparation of Specialist Fittings, Fixtures and Equipment List

KC will prepare a detailed list of specialist equipment for the Owners' consideration based on the Concept Statement and Operating Philosophy. This list is formulated with input from the Interior Design Team to ensure continuity.

Provide and/or Revise Specifications

In principle this involves providing assistance, checking and recommending specifications on all Mechanical and Electrical and detailed design work. A comprehensive report on each space is provided (e.g. reception desk, shower cubicles, fitness evaluation office, whirlpool plant rooms and golf simulator etc.)

Construction Progress Reviews

As construction commences, unique site problems inevitably arise. KC will liaise with the Design Team and contractors to resolve these problems with workable, cost-effective solutions. Recommendations for improvements and refinements will be coordinated through the Project Team.

Preliminary and Phase II Drawing Reviews

This includes a detailed review of all preliminary and Phase II plans and drawings at scale 1:200 and 1:100 to ensure that the Owners requirements as stated in the Initial Brief and Concept Statement are reflected in the drawings.

Preparation of Final Punch List and Critical Path

The Final Punch List and Critical Path will be established together with the Main Contractor and/or Design Team in coordination with all nominated sub-contractors to direct the progress of various trades on-site.


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